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Final Fantasy VII 7 PS1 PlayStation PSX PSOne

Due to popular demand. we continue to do our best to find copies of this RARE RPG. We agree with gamers who have told us that this may be one of the BEST Sony PlayStation video games ever made... and maybe even one of the best Role Playing Games of all time! Click the links below to find Final Fantasy VII in various levels of condition. These copies do not last long due to the high demand, so buy yours while they're available. Final Fantasy VII is no longer being manufactured, so with time, this game will only become more RARE and MORE VALUABLE!

There were basically 2 versions of Final Fantasy VII produced for the original PlayStation:

The original Black Label & then the later released Green Label Greatest Hits version. In addition, there were even less black label versions which had a mis-print on the back jewel case cover art. We've been told that there are more than one type of misprint out there, but we've only seen the one where the word "masterpiece" has the letter "i" is misplaced & raised above the word. Obviously, the more rare the game, the more valuable it is.
We are not aware of any differences in gameplay between the 2 versions, but the Black Label discs are white while the Greatest Hits discs are silver in color.
Below is our list of general decriptions of the varying overall condition of different copies. All discs have been tested to boot successfully to the title screen. The condition of each copy is unique, but will include all 3 discs, jewel case, & artwork unless specified otherwise. Generally, Fair or Good copies may not include a manual. If the better condition items are missing the manual, it will be noted on item listing page. Each component of a specific copy will have varying degrees of wear consistent with age and use. In general, for example, the disks in the items with better condition will have fewer scratches than those in lesser condition. Please remember, for obvious reasons, items which are used will most likely not be in perfect condition.
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Final Fantasy VII Black Label Condition
All 3 Discs
Jewel Case
Black Label - New
Black Label - Misprint
Black Label - Near Mint
Black Label - Very Good
Black Label - Good
Black Label - Fair
Final Fantasy VII Greatest Hits Condition
Greatest Hits (Green Label) - New
Greatest Hits (Green Label) - Near Mint
Greatest Hits (Green Label) - Very Good
Greatest Hits (Green Label) - Good
Greatest Hits (Green Label) - Fair
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