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Valkyrie Profile (PlayStation 1, PS1, PSX, PSOne)

(PS) Valkyrie Profile 
Condition: New & Used 
(Only 1 new copy available with 1/2" split in front of plastic cellophane overwrap)
Type: Video Game   
Platform: PS  
ESRB Rating: "T" Teen
Packaging: Jewel Case
Publisher:  Enix
Genre: RPG
Release Date: 8-29-2000
Players: 1
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Item Code: PS-9680    
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Valkyrie Profile Game Description
Valkyrie Profile is a 2 dimensional or 2D side-view perspective that the majority of the game presents, which in part, is what inspired the title "Profile".
This is a rare & exciting RPG (role playing game), where the only visible character, Lenneth Valkyrie, is capable of sliding, jumping, sword swinging, and shooting of ice crystals. By using ice crystals Lenneth can temporarily freeze enemies. When contacting an enemy who is not frozen, an RPG-style battle ensues. Attacking visible enemies gives Lenneth a definite first attack advantage in combat.
Lenneth can also fight an enemy in battle by coming into contact with them. In this case, there is a 50/50 possibility that the enemy will have the first attack.
Editor's opinions: 
Valkyrie Profile isn't an easy PlayStation 1 video game to find which makes it much more collectible but also increases its' rarity as well as its' price. Generally, high value RPGs (Role Playing Games) like this one from Enix, are in high demand due to the playability of the genre. Finding a new copy of Valkyrie Profile to buy at a low price is very difficult.
You can shop around, but you'll find that many of the stores or ebay sellers either won't warranty their games or have low seller feedback ratings. Some shops won't even show pictures of the game itself. Many of the used or pre-owned copies will have various levels of wear and photos just don't show how scratched they really are. If you are looking to purchase Valkyrie Profile, whether it's new or used, shop with caution. Usually, the lower priced items are red flags for obvious reasons. You know that saying about, "If it sounds too good to be true....".
This game has reached the level of a "Collector's Item" in many eyes and is a highly recommended addition to any gamer's collection, but it doesn't come cheap.  I've only seen a few factory sealed, unopened copies in the last few years with prices ranging from $200.00 all the way up to $975.00! Thinking about it, as time goes on, fewer and fewer unopened copies with be available. This fact will make an already rare game more valuable. So, if you want to invest in a great, rare RPG, order before they're gone because searching out the original PlayStation 1 version of Valkyrie Profile, especially new, will become increasingly difficult.
(Note: The original Sony PlayStation is also know as PS, PS1, PSX, PSOne)
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